Icing On The Cake (IOC)

1. It is an Icing on the existing cake, which is an additional compensation plan (uni-level)
added to the existing Marketing Plan of DXN.
2. Members may purchase iPackage in order to participate in this IOC.
3. The iPackage is affordable to most members.

B) Objective

1. To activate existing non-active members.
2. To increase the new recruitment.
3. To increase the revenue of Company.
4. To compete well in the market.
5. To create new excitement.
6. To enable the members to earn exponential income from this plan.
7. To use, share and sell DXN products as seed of investment.

C) Features and Advantages
1. Ownership can be inherited. (iCertificate can be inherited. Sample from PH as
2. IOC allows the member to purchase any mix of products at the prevailing DP
(Distributor Price) prices.
3. Additional purchase of iPackage unit is allowed to create new lines and up to two
4. Earn exponential income.
5. No loss of SV point. (in the form of iSV)
6. Help to increase recruitment and bonus under the existing marketing plan.
7. Help to be promoted faster under the existing marketing plan.
8. It is an international package.
9. No matching or pairing is required.10.No maintenance is required.
11. Seed stock for sales.
12.PV recognition for SA status promotion.
13.Dynamic compression on a monthly basis.
14.Invest once and earn forever.
15.DXN is a very stable company.
16.The current marketing plan hierarchy remains.
17.Accelerate network expansion.

D) Definition of Terms
Code : Existing Marketing Plan’s membership code (9 digits).
Upcode : Existing Marketing Plan’s Sponsor code (9 digits).
iPackage : Is a package member needs to purchase to join the IOC plan.
iSV : SV associated to each iPackage value.
iMember : Existing or new DXN member who purchased iPackage
iCertificate : Certificate to members who purchased the iPackage.
iCode : IOC member code (13 digits with 9-digit DXN member code + 2-digit package
code + 2-digit running number).
iUpcode : IOC member upcode (13 digits with 9-digit DXN Sponsor code + 2-digitpackage code + 2-digit running number)

E) How IOC works
1. The Icing On The Cake (IOC) plan is open to all DXN members by purchasing at least one unit of iPackage.
2. Each iPackage is available at Distributor Price (DP) EUR200 and accorded with iSV 100. (Europe iPackage is referred. Each country will have their respective DP and iSV)
3. Member would need to fill up the Letter of Intent to purchase the iPackage (please refer to the form attached)
4. Purchase under this plan is optional.
5. iPackage can be purchased at home country. (as referred to the address in DXN system)
6. Purchase of any units is valid only upon full payment.
7. iCertificate would be given as proof of iPackage purchased.
8. iMember may redeem the products based on the value of iPackage. (please refer to the iPackage Product Redemption as below)
9. Any redemption of DXN products in this project, the respective product PV will be given for status promotion purpose (to become SA, but NOT considered for any monthly qualification, monthly bonus entitlement, Travel Incentive and Hand Phone Cash Incentive as per conditions under existing marketing plan).
10. However, there will be no SV point recognized for any bonus entitlement whatsoever under the existing Marketing Plan.
11. A member can purchase any number of units to create new lines (maximum up to 2nd level) under his/her own iCodes. From the 3rd level onwards, it should be a real new member.
12.If a member opts to buy more than 1 unit of iPackage, all the units shall be purchased under the same hierarchy.
13. The iUpcode must be defined if the member wishes to place his/her own extra iPackage units or new iMember downlines under any of his own specific iCodes other than his 1st iCode. Any downlines in IOC under 2nd iCode should be a new iMember in the particular month (before icing bonus processing) who have joined as DXN member after the implementation of IOC.
14. No sponsor changes is allowed in IOC. However if there is any such change in existing marketing plan (with approval), the same will be effected in IOC.15.Sponsorship is not allowed from cross line. The existing marketing plan hierarchy is used for this IOC hierarchy.
16. If a member did not join this plan, the IOC bonus based on the iSV shall be passed over to those uplines who already joined according to the compressed hierarchy. If at any later stage this member joins to this plan, he will get the bonus from his newly joined downlines in his group thereafter.
17. The bonus calculated is illustrated in the attached Remuneration Plan for IOC.
18. DXN reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the IOC plan any time without prior communication and consent from members.

F) iPackage – Product Redemption
1. With purchase of one unit of iPackage, iMember will be entitled to redeem any mix of DXN products worth the same DP value with the iPackage purchased from any DXN branches/service centres.
2. The product redemption is only allowed in the same country where the iPackage is
purchased. Members may have multiple redemption until the total iPackage value has been fully utilized.
3. Products shall be redeemed within 3 months from the date of iPackage payment made. If an iMember did not redeem the products within 3 months, he/she would only be allowed to have full redemption (1 time only) during the 4th month.
4. The redemption of DXN products carried an equivalent PV which will be used for Star
Agent status promotion (refer to the conditions under the existing Marketing Plan).
However the PV & SV for the product redemption will not be recognized and calculated
for any monthly qualification, monthly bonus entitlement, Travel Incentive and Hand Phone Cash Incentive under the existing marketing plan.
5. A non members may participate in this IOC. They must become a member in order to get their iCode. They must redeem a DXN Starter Kit as part of their product redemption.


Q: What is Icing On The Cake?
Icing On The Cake (IOC ) is an additional Compensation Plan ( Uni – Level ) added to the existing DXN Marketing Plan. IOC also enables the members to use, share and sell DXN products as seed of investment and earn exponential income from this plan.

Q: Who can purchase Icing On The Cake ( iPackage )?
All existing members and also newly joined members. When non members purchase iPackage, they can at the same time become our DXN member.

Q: Where can I purchase iPackage?
You may visit any nearest DXN branches in your home country DXN branch for more info or to purchase iPackage.

Q: Can I purchase more than one unit of iPackage?
Yes you may. However, the second unit onwards must be placed under your own name/iCodes and is only allowed for maximum up to 2nd level.

Q: Can I place my extra unit of iPackage between me and my immediate existing downline?
No, you cannot. The current hierarchy of marketing plan has to remain as it is. You may use this extra unit to create new lines, and from there you may continue to recruit new iMember to this new line

Q: Can I make the payment by installment?
All the payment for IOC must be paid in one-time only. Payments can be made through by Cash, Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer (depends on the availability of such payment mode in your country). For Online transfer the participants must fax a copy of the validated deposit slip to the DXN branch. An Official Receipt shall be issued for any payment made. No one is authorized to collect any amount of money representing DXN.

Q: If the total worth of product value is more than the iPackage value during product redemption, what shall we do?
If the iMember’s total accumulated product redemption cost slightly more than the
iPackage value, you shall pay the difference of the value as per payment mode available at the branch.
Example: iPackage value equals to Euro 200. During the product redemption Mr. A has
redeemed total product value of Euro 207. Then Mr. A should pay Euro 7 (not entitled for any PV or SV from this extra payment).

Introduction IOC and more information can be DOWNLOAD HERE


2. Icing – Part 2 Remuneration Plan New