DXN AquazeonTM Energy Water Systemews

DXN AquazeonTM Energy Water System is a 5-stage filtration water system made of the best selected quality materials to solve most water quality problems. It is a perfect water system to purify, energize, anti-oxidize and magnetize water. It effectively removes 99.99% of waterborne disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water. With DXN AquazeonTM Energy Water System, the taste, odour and clarity of water are significantly improved. It ensures the fulfillment of a water filtration system for your maximum satisfaction.

Aquazeon Energy Water System is Certified: World Standard – Safe and Clean.

Purifies – 99.99% solids removed

Removes Bacteria, Viruses, E-coli, Chemicals, Chlorine, Cysts from drinking water.

Contains Silver for its anti-bacterial actions.

Energizes water molecules by way of Far Infra Red, Magnetic waves.

Ionizes – Neutralises toxins

Mineralizes – Mineral Stone – adds 59 Trace Elements & Minerals

Anti-Oxidizes – Ionic Ball – kills free radicals

Alkalizes via Ion exchange & Tourmaline stone.

Minimises molecular cluster size for best absorption by the body

Magnets – re-structures molecules into healthy hexagonal shape

Oxygenates & Revitalises the water

Effectively reduces fluoride level

Clean and pure

Free from bacteria, heavy metal, toxic chemicals such as chlorine and other contaminants.

Dramatically improves the taste, odour and clarity of water.

Rich with essential Minerals

Minerals are essential in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body, vital for efficient cell communication (transmitting “electrical messages” in the body)

High dissolved oxygen content

Oxygen content is a measurement of water contamination level. Contaminated water has low oxygen content. Aquazeon water has high oxygen content.

Molecularly structured in small clusters – Hexagonal Water

Water never exists in a single molecule. Water exists in the form of H²On ( n denotes the cluster size). The best form of water that supports life is H²O6, better known as Hexagonal water.

Be energized and alkalineaqua zone water system
Energized water is more alive and ‘wetter’. It does a better job of picking up and removing toxic materials from the body, unlike dead water which is disorganized and contains ‘clumps’ of molecules. Energized or ‘structured’ water is like a liquid crystal with much smaller ‘micro-clusters’ of water molecules, making it more like the water in our cells, able to hold minerals and other necessary substances in (colloidal) solution easily. Aquazeon Alkaline water helps to maintain the critical pH balance of our body fluid.

Quality assured, Lab tested and approved by related authorities.

Compact, space-saving design for use on bench-top.

Easy fitting connections for simple DIY installation.

No electricity costs. NO water wastage.

Low maintenance with spare parts readily available

A “Must Have” product for every household.

 “What are you waiting for? Why buy one product for one use only?”

“Think about it”

If Your are interested in DXN AquazeonTM Energy Water System, please contact us at 1dragon@dxn2mlm.com